Dataguard Performance Tab not showing Charts – OEM 13c

If your Dataguard Performance tab is not showing the graphs in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13C, but your screen look like this:

Then this might be solved by running the ‘Verify Dataguard Configuration’ which will fix a mismatch between the OEM and the actual broker configuration. I have found a post on the site of ItConquer for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C. The same steps can also be used to solve the issue in OEM 13C.

Open the Data Guard Performance tab if you are in the database pane:

Be sure to logon as user SYS (otherwise the changes needed in the OEM will not be recorded !):

Your performance tabs will not show any graphics and an alert message is shown that the charts can not be created.

Now it is time to start the ‘Verify Dataguard Configuration’, which can be found in the menu Availability:

The utility will start and will show you some checks that will be performed:

As soons as the checks are completed, and detaild results pane will some warning messages related to mismatches between OEM and Broker, these mismatches will be fixed within the OEM:

Detailed Results:

Afterwards the Data Guard Performance should show the graphs correctly now:


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